There were three arches which commemorated the military achievements of the two emperors.
"Marcus Aurelius a Persecutor?Email us at: Here is a typical contact lens prescription: Eye, pWR, bC, dIA, les couples à la recherche d'hommes à villahermosa brand, oD (Right) -, acuvue.The most interesting panel represents the famous rainstorm, when the army, overwhelmed by drought, was suddenly saved by the divine intervention of rain.It was a successful strategy, as one tribe after another suffered defeat and reestablished ties with Rome.9 HA Marcus.6-7.The military qualities adumbrated by the word Imperator were soon much in demand, for the empire was under pressure in the year 161 in Britain, in Raetia, and in the east, where Parthia once again posed a significant danger.
The state cult received full honor, and he recognized the validity of other people's beliefs, so that the variety of religions in the vast extent of the empire caused no difficulties for inhabitants or government, with one significant exception.
12 This steady, slow progress was interrupted in 175 by the action of the distinguished general Avidius Cassius, governor of Syria, who claimed the empire for himself.Historia 16 (1967) 75-86.19 Commodus became joint-emperor with his father in 177 and three years later ruled alone.8 There was no opposition, no contrary voice, to his succession.Please note that some offices require us to know the patient's date of birth and name, so be sure to include that information as well in the appropriate fields.10 Clearly, it cast a pall over the triumph celebrated by the two emperors, who were honored with the titles Armeniacus and Parthicus.20 Death and Succession In early 180, while Marcus and Commodus were fighting in the north, Marcus became ill.16 In spite of the enormous expenses of war, Commodus found ample funds upon his accession as sole emperor for his expenditures and amusements.Although outside Rome, mention should be made of the monumental frieze commemorating Lucius Verus' victory over the Parthians in 165.Méfiez-vous des entreprises basées dans des sites off-shores ou des pays étrangers: en cas de problème vous perdrez votre temps et votre argent sans avoir le moindre recours.