couples pour échanges de caracas

The attitudes and actions of Caraqueñas I studied contrasts sharply with the demeanor of women in late colonial Buenos Aires.
«Divorcio que prepara Doña María Antonia Pérez a su legítimo marido Don Ramón Maucó AAC, Matrimoniales, 1811, leg.Whether these ideas came from the church, who placed more constraints on the prerogatives of men than the state did, or were generated by people living under sexual or racial oppression, needs to be further studied.See for example «Rita Antonia Dias esclava de Doña Maria Antonia Dias sobre su libertad aanh, Civiles, 1789, Letra D, exp.See Elías Pino Iturrieta and Calzadilla (1993,.Mallon stresses that «it is possible to analyze politics at all levels as nested arenas of contestation, where hegemonic processes are at work.Poor women may have not made verbal reference to the concepts of citizenship as often as the upper-classes did, but their many actions in court suggested that they valued this status just as highly.John Hawkshaw visited Caracas in 1838.Yet I found one instance in which a woman verbally expressed her expectations of being treated with equality.Parmi les producteurs des.In addition, her husband had hit her because she refused to give her scant jewelry to him, «converting himself into a Nero».
The introduction of revolutionary propaganda became a concern for the Spanish state, as demonstrated in a series of new legislation after 1750 that increasingly punished those accused of participating in the spread of modern ideas and in promoting popular mobilization.This was the first Republican Constitution for Latin la recherche d'un emploi d'homme de compagnie America.As historian Steve.Considering the variety of people who relied on the tribunals for solving conflicts, the balance maintained by the judiciary during this period is truly remarkable.Ana María Lopez Ynfante » ; «Autos seguidos por.Between 17, the sex ratios in Caracas remained rather constant, with an average femme mature à la recherche de jeunes temuco of about.6 women for every male.

48  For a discussion of the issue of verbal deference and economic obligation, see Stern (1995,.
70- (.) 49  «Criminales contra Dionisio Vega por heridas Archivo del Registro Principal del Distrito Feder (.) 31The cases of Dolores Blanco and of Isabel Freites offer good examples of the lovers' exchange of material goods and the importance of emotional bonds and fidelity.